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We want to revolutionise the way housing is provided, so that all autistic people, and people with learning disabilities have the opportunity to live happier, independent, and more connected lives. 


Here you will find all the information for those we work along side and how we operate.

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Here is all the information, activities, and guides for current tenants.

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We ensure all tenants live in a place of their choice, where they feel safe. A place that enables them to belong to a community and a place that they love coming home to. We strive to deliver a service that ensure all tenants view their home as a place of happiness, calmness, safety, and security.

Our Vision

Making an independent home

We strive to give people the freedom to live the lives they want. This is Matthew’s story. 

Play Video about Tenant Matthew Allen happy as he answers the door.

Want to get involved as an investor or landlord?

Lets for Life will work with you to make a better life for people while making a long term financial gain. 

What we have been up to

Blog Highlights

At Lets for Life we value coproduction hugely. Many of the things we do, either activities or things we create are made by tenants for tenants. Here are some events/goings on that have happened at Lets for Life.  

Christmas Card designed by Simon Tucker

One of our ambassadors, Simon Tucker co-designed our Christmas Card this year. Which was sent out to all tenants and people on our Christmas Card List!

He designed the front, back and middle.

Lets for Life's new tune made by Shaun Kensall

Shaun Kensall loves the keyboard and together we co-created a new tune to be used on future videos for Lets for Life. 

He played the keyboard as we recorded, then together we edited the music until we got to the final tune.

He called the piece: Happy Rain

Pumpkin Contest Winner, a black pumpkin with black legs and spider face.

Halloween Pumpkin Contest

We had a Tenant Pumpkin decorating contest. Tenants sent in photos and prizes and certificates were sent out to the winners. 

Lets Connect: Autumn

We released our first ever magazine! Made together by tenants. Many pages were provided by tenants and involved what exciting things some had been up to.