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At Lets for Life we love to involve tenants as much as we can! over the years we have co-created a number of different things that have been sent to tenants designed by tenants. As well as holding activities and events. Here is our blog as a memory of what we have done. 

Tall colourful flowers that look like orchids.

Lets Connect: Spring. Finished and Sent out!

We have finished the magazine and have sent it out to all tenants. 

Thank you everone who helped make it. 

You can find the magazine here on our website. 

Christmas Contest

Another Contest, this one was to decorate a Christmas tree and send in a photo to be judged. 

Again, this was a success with many great looking trees sent in. 

The winners were given medals and Amazon Vouchers for their efforts!

Christmas Bauble

Along with Christmas Cards, our tenants also received a small Christmas Bauble that was sent out inside them. These were made in house and designed based off of our logo Hensmill!

Being thin, they were no extra charge and were easy to make internally with a 3D printer. 

Christmas Card designed by Simon Tucker

Tenant and Lets for Life ambassador Simon Tucker co-designed the Christmas card, that we then use as the official Lets for Life Card to send to all tenants and groups on our Christmas List. 

This was done over video chat sharing the screen with Simon directing how he wants the card to look. 

Pumpkin Contest Winner, a black pumpkin with black legs and spider face.

Halloween Pumpkin Contest

We had a pumpkin decorating contest for tenants to be involved in.

to take part tenants could take a photo of their decorated pumpkin and send it to through email, or other channels (support). It was a huge success and we had some incredible pumpkin designs. 

The winners and runners up had prizes sent to them! 

Lets Connect: Autumn

We made our very first tenant co-created magazine!

Both tenants and Lets for Life staff helped create it, of which all was done in house and then sent out to all tenants.

Inside where pages made by tenants on interests they have, as well as pages with quizzes, cooking, and tips!



Lets for Life new tune made by Shaun Kensall

Ambassador Shaun Kensall always loved playing the piano/ keyboard having played in church and to friends.

 So when given the opportunity to make an official track for Lets for Life he couldn’t turn it down. 

Together, as he played and we recorded. His tune: Happy Rain was made. He also chose the name and the logo of the music which will be used on upcoming videos we make. 

Tenant Open Day

Some tenants came and visited the main office in South Manchester. Together we had cakes and tea as we talked about Lets for Life and what we have been up to in our lives. 

It was a lot of fun and some of the tenant visitors came from as far away as Torquay!

We were very glad to have them and they gave some useful tips as to how we can improve what we do. 

More to be uploaded soon.