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Tenant Ambassadors

This is the Ambassador Hub, where you will find all the information and activities about tenant ambassadors. 

The Ambassador Logo

The different colours for each person show that each person is important. The tree with different colours shows that we are all growing Lets for Life together. 

What is it about?

The ambassadorship at Lets for Life is for you the tenant, to have your say in how things are done and how they can be done better.

You can also get involved with what we create for tenants, such as helpful information or creative things like music. 

Any tenant can be an ambassador and there is no requirement for how much you do or what you do. It can be as much as you want and what you want.  

Being an ambassador you can give your opinions on many things that could help many other tenants. We will ask questions more and hear what you have to say. 

You can also help make things for others to use or see. Such as Christmas Cards, Information, guides, or anything you can think of that could be useful for other tenants. 

Share your ideas

Feel good about yourself

Help others

Make a difference

Show what you can do

Your Say: Values and Aims

Tenant Ambassadors are still pretty new to Lets for Life. If you have any ideas on what it should be about or what it could do. We would love to hear. Click below to go to a page to let us know. Thank you.

Your ideas and creativity

We would love your help in making the lives of other tenants better. You all have talents that are useful.

You could be really into cars, or music. Others would love to know about that and how they could get into it to!

Or you could have loads of ideas on what could be done differently at Lets for Life, we would love to hear that.

 All of you have something that could help others.


There is no set amount you have to do or what you do. You can stop at anytime and rejoin whenever you want. You can only do what you find fun if you like.

We will help you while you are helping us. Thank you.

How to join

To join, fill in this form and click send or Let one of us know when you see us. 

Ambassador Blog

Here is a blog of all the work Tenant Ambassadors have done so far and have inspired. 

Simon's Charity Shop Book

Our Ambassador Simon Tucker is an expert at using Charity Shops for all kinds of things. Even using it to help make things for the Garden. 

Using his knowledge he helped create a guide on how to use Charity Shops for beginners and for people who already use them. 

You will find the same information in the guides section of the Tenant Hub (Coming Soon).

New Music created by Shaun Kensall

Ambassador Shaun Kensall always loves playing the piano/ keyboard having played in church and to friends.

 So when given the opportunity to make an official track for Lets for Life he couldn’t turn it down. 

Together, as he played and we recorded. His tune: Happy Rain was made. He also chose the name and the logo of the music which will be used on upcoming videos we make.

Much more has been done! we are currently putting it together to be available here on the website.

Plus interactive versions of what has been made is coming too. 

Thank you for waiting.