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About Lets for Life

Helping people live with independence

The purpose of Lets for Life is to work tirelessly to make it possible for all people with learning disabilities and autism to enjoy a house of their own. 

We want to revolutionise the way housing is provided, so that all disabled people, autistic people, and people with learning disabilities have the opportunity to live happier, independent, and more connected lives. 

Revolutionise may sound like a big word, but we believe that the current reality of access to homes for disabled people isn’t good enough and it is far too hard for people with learning disabilities to choose and secure a home. Lets for Life believe that every person has the right to have the same life experiences, opportunities, and choices as everyone else. But we have a long way to go before making that a reality.  

We provide homes where individuals with learning disabilities and autism can thrive. It’s not just about four walls; it’s about choice, safety, and community. Every tenant chooses a space that feels like theirs, a place where they connect, contribute, and belong. And when they walk through the door, it’s a home they are coming back to. We offer tailored support and services that empower each person to experience happiness, peace, and security.