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We are committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with learning disabilities through innovative housing solutions. Our collaborative efforts extend to valued partnerships with government agencies and support providers. By working closely with these organisations, Lets for Life strive to create supportive and inclusive environments. Together, we are focused on building a society where everyone can thrive in safe and nurturing homes.

Commissioning bodies from NHS and Local Authorities

Many of our new tenancies start with Lets for Life working in partnership with the CCG Commissioner (NHS Clinical Commissioning Group) and/or the Local Authority Commissioners. Through building a relationship rooted in trust and a shared vision, Lets for Life are guided by the commissioning bodies to understand the needs of people with learning disabilities and/or autism who live within their area. We are then able to understand the housing needs and play our part in helping to create the right homes for the people who need them most.

Social Workers and Local Authorities

In addition to the Commissioning bodies, we build close working relationships with Social Workers and all people within the Local Authority who are responsible for providing support and services for people with Learning Disabilities. These relationships are also important when individuals lack capacity and don’t have a deputy. In this scenario, decisions are made on behalf of the individual through a Best Interest Meeting and applying to the Court of Protection.

Support Providers

We also work in partnership with many brilliant Support Providers. All of our tenants have unique and individual needs, and we understand that providing a safe and happy home for some tenants will mean that a Support team are working within the tenant’s home all the time. Lets for Life are responsible for looking after the building in which the Support Team work and so it’s vital that we work in partnership together to ensure the home is maintained to create a space in which the tenant can live happily and the Support Team can deliver brilliant care.   

Housing Benefits – Learning Disabilities Team

An honest and transparent partnership with Housing Benefits is also an important factor in a successful tenancy. All of our tenants are eligible for Exempt rate status and it’s the responsibility of Lets for Life to submit this claim. We always try to discuss all new tenancies with the relevant Housing Benefit team in advance to ensure all parties are aligned.