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Report a repair

Something broke or not working properly?
Here you will find all the different ways you can report a repair.

General Repairs

For general repairs please call this number:

Please only call between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday unless it is an emergency. 

01625 462876

Emergency Repairs

For emergency repairs please call the same number but straight away, whatever time or day:

01625 462876

We will try to get the repair sorted as fast as possible. 

Email a repair at:


Report a repair online

Emergency Repairs

If you have any of these problems please call right away. 


· Burst or leaking pipework,radiator,boiler.

· No cold water supply.

· No heating or hot water supply.

· Heating system giving off smell of fume.

Burst, major leak, water penetration

· A burst or leak. Turn off the water supply.

· Any burst, leak or water penetration that is affecting electrics. Turn off water supply, Turn off electricity.


· Blocked toilet – but only if there isn’t another toilet in your home.

· Toilet that won’t flush – but only if it is the only toilet and you are unable to flush it with a bucket of water as a temporary solution.

Bath, Shower, Wash Hand Basin

· Bath blocked or no water from taps.

· Shower leaking or broken or no water from shower.

· Washbasin blocked or no water from taps.

Kitchen Sink

· Kitchen sink blocked or no water from the taps.


· No lighting

· Complete power supply failure – but if nearby homes are affected contact the electricity supply company instead. British Gas, EON, etc.

· Power off in part of the home – tripped electrics.

· Electrical fitting smoking or scorching – (also turn off the electricity)

Anything else that could be an emergency.